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Just when you think your home is free of all pests, there you will be, struck by this mischievous menace called bed bugs. Bed bugs are tiny pests that will hide away in the corners and wreak havoc for your place. These sneaky bugs can be found in your furniture, mattresses, and pillows in your house or business place.

So, if you too are facing the mysterious bite marks on your body as well as stains on your furniture, I think it’s certain that bed bugs are festering. You might need some expert help to fight the bed bugs, and we at Bug Busters can help you do so.

How to identify bed bugs?

If you think bed bugs are harmless, you are very much mistaken. Going by their size, they appear to be benign, but in reality, they can be extremely dangerous for you and your family’s well being. Therefore, to keep everyone safe, it is necessary to detect them at the earliest stage possible. The following are the signs that you can look for to identify if your home has become a breeding ground for these pesky bugs:

  • Bug bites are the most common way to know that your home is infested. If you find mysterious bite marks on your body, mostly in a group of three, your home can very well be infested with bed bugs.
  • The marks are usually found around the face, neck, arms, and legs, and may cause serious itching and redness.
  • Rusty or uneven spots on your walls, mattresses, sheets and bed clothing can also be a sign.
  • Bloodstains on pillowcases or bedsheets are a telltale sign.
  • Offensive and foul odor in your room can be a dead giveaway that bed bugs are present.
  • Bed bugs shed skin and even leave their eggshells behind, which may even serve as an indication of them hiding away.

How to treat bed bugs?

With the havoc and danger that they possess, it is crucial to identify them and proceed towards the treatment. Although there might be few DIY measures that you can try, to deal with bed bugs efficiently and remove them once and for all, it is advised to hire a professional team.

There are a few techniques to effectively treat bed bugs. You can find some of the most commonly used treatments listed here:

1. Hot Treatments/ Thermal Heat Treatments:

Heat treatments, as the name suggests use an exponentially high temperature to deal with the problem of bed bugs. There are a few ways to carry out this treatment.

  • Using heat: A thermal treatment is regarded as one of the most effective methods of treating bed bugs. Under this method, the room temperature of the affected area is increased beyond the level that can be sustained by the bugs. It is usually kept at 45 degrees Celsius or 113 degrees Fahrenheit. This method is always conducted by the professionals, for it can be risky to play with temperature if you are not trained in it. Preferably it is performed in an enclosed area or an entire building. If you are wondering why it is so popular, it is due to the fact that this treatment method is capable enough to kill the entire population at once, ridding for good.
  • Using steam: Steam is yet another effective method to remove bed bugs. Here, the temperature is pushed to 65-75 degrees Celsius, so as to generate steam for a longer period. All the affected areas and articles are subjected to steaming, such as the mattress, bed covers, bed framing, carpets or even curtains to eradicate the bugs residing in them. This method is a little tricky as it can get difficult to reach distant places or depth of the materials, enough to kill them all.
  • Hot boxes: Hot boxes are quite similar to the thermal heat method, but here instead of bringing the heat to the place of infestation, the articles are taken to heat. All the infected belongings are placed in a box that provides sustained heat, for a period that is enough to kill all the bed bugs.
  • Clothes dryer: This method is suitable for killing the bugs from your clothes or blankets. Under this method, firstly the clothes are thoroughly washed with detergents and then subjected to a drying process for over 20 minutes at extremely high heat.

2. Cold Treatment:

The cold treatment, or freezing treatment as it is popularly called, is yet another effective treatment for bed bugs. It is a relatively new method but is appropriate for killing bed bugs. The bugs cannot survive in low temperatures and using this, the affected articles are subjected to a temperature as low as -16 degrees Celsius, or 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit, for over an hour. This effectively kills all the bed bugs, making the home free of any threat.

3. K9 Treatment:

A new and innovative method to help you catch bed bugs. As if dogs weren’t already important enough for humans, they have yet another way to prove it. Under this special treatment provided by Bug Busters, a team of professionals arrive at your place with a trained dog. The dog can easily smell and detect the parts of your premises that are affected by bed bugs. The scent leads them right to the spot and helps in easy identification without causing any damage to your furnishings. Early detection will then help the technicians to eradicate the entire bug population much faster. If you are wondering about the efficiency, then rest assured for these dogs are trained to recognize and follow the scent to find bed bugs for you.

Keeping our surroundings clean is crucial for good health. Irrefutably, pests can be a nuisance and cause serious damage to your wellbeing. While many pests are easily identified and removed, bed bugs are tricky to handle and far more dangerous. Apart from the obvious bite marks, they may even cause itching, redness, and pain. Not only that, the victim may even suffer anxiety, lesions, painful attacks, and fatigue. As if we haven’t stressed enough already, it is important to get your home, or office space thoroughly examined for bed bugs and remove them at the earliest stage possible. You can leave this task to us, for our dedicated team of professionals at Bug Busters can help exterminate all colonies of these sneaky pests and make it safe and healthy for you and your family.

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