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Commercial Pest Control Services to Protect Your Spaces and Mitigate Health Risks

Are you feeling worried because of the pests that are invading your restaurant, educational institute, or office?  Are rodents or cockroaches raising a big question mark on your hygiene standards? Bug Busters Pest Control Service understands how pests operate.  Pests stack up inside piles of debris, on your window sills, and can even crunch under your feet while you’re walking across the floor. Control the pest invasions with Bug Busters. Our qualified team offers you the best defense against these tiny pests that can cause huge damage to your health as well as your property. Bug Busters Pest Control Services are necessary to protect your staff members, students or office professionals from many different possible health risks. In a dynamic learning environment, it’s necessary to ensure that every nook and corner is gleaming with cleanliness.


  • To promote an ideal work environment:

A clean, healthy surrounding gives peace of mind to your employees and they will give you their best output!  If you want to enhance productivity at your workplace, then keep your commercial spaces pest free. These creepy crawling creatures can lead to low Moral at work and can create an uncomfortable environment. So, get rid of pests and promote health in your commercial spaces for your employees and potential/existing customers.

  • Maintain health and hygiene:

Whatever the nature of your business, you simply cannot compromise with hygiene. Pests not only degrade the work environment but also cause infectious diseases. The earlier you control their infestation, the easier it will be to maintain a healthy work environment. If you ignore their growth, this problem can be difficult to control at the later stage. Get rid of them immediately through an effective pest control weapon.  Bug Busters has all the weapons needed to control pests for you and ease your worried mind.

  • Avoid business losses:

Pests affect the how your business can ‘Run Smoothly’.  Pests will affect the health of your employees and add a negative company image in the mind of your customers. The reputation that you have built over the years can get ruined in seconds if the customers come to know that the product they are receiving comes from a place where pests breed everywhere. This can lead to many customers cutting off your business which will eventually lead to monetary loss.  It only takes ONE sighting to ruin your reputation.

  • Costs will increase if you deal with pests left unattended:

If you don’t deal with your commercial pest problem now, later on it will get more difficult to control the situation. This will also lead to spending more money than originally necessary to control a now horrendous pest infestation that could have been avoided.  It is always a better idea to gain control of the pest invasion and keep it controlled rather than wait until it is too late.


-Hiring a commercial pest control team becomes important if you’re facing an out of control situation where pests have caused all sorts of damage to your commercial space. During this situation, it’s always better to look for professional pest control services like Bug Busters to help give you a permanent solution. Bug Busters can help you in handling any embarrassing or hazardous pest situation. One thing is good to remember:  Do not apply any pest control solutions by yourself! There are regulations and hazards so please do not put you and your employees at risk. Bug Busters are highly qualified trained technicians. Do Not Wait until these hazardous pests overrun your property! You can prevent future pest infestation and win the war on pests by calling Bug Busters!


It’s simple:  Pest Control in your commercial space, office, warehouse or school should never be neglected and it is never a do-it-yourself situation.  Pests can trigger major health issues for students, which can lead to missing classes and will cause distractions while learning. Pests will make your employees and customers miserable, and will also destroy your inventory.  Here are a few more reasons why hiring a commercial pest control professional is a must:

  • If the pests have attached themselves to your educational institution or commercial space, you can’t control their infestation on your own. You’ll need expert help to deal with the problem immediately so that the pests don’t lead to infections and diseases among the occupants.
  • If you neglect the situation at the initial stage, thinking the traditional practices will control the hazard, it can lead to even greater infestations which will become uncontrollable at a later stage. Misapplying the pesticides can even lead to greater hazards. Bug Busters Pest Control Services is the better option.
  • Without the right knowledge about the pest infestation control method, you won’t be able to get rid of the problem completely. Only a professional pest control service can help you seek a permanent solution. So, if you want to avoid the pests from invading your property again and again, Bug Busters Professional Pest Control Services will be the best help.
  • DIY pest control can not only lead to further infestations, but they can also trigger associated risks when you don’t have the right knowledge regarding the application of the pesticides. This will also lead to over expenditure when the DIY methods don’t work. It’s therefore important that you don’t fall for DIY practices as pest control methods. Instead hire Bug Busters Professional Pest Control Services.  We know how to battle out the problem completely.
  • If you wait for a long time to call Bug Busters professional help, then the pests can badly ruin your property and inventory, leading to a much greater monetary loss for your business.



Before waging an All-Out-War against your commercial pest infestation problem, you need to know the right steps for prevention and infestation. The following list will help you in keeping control your commercial pests beforehand. Here are the steps which you can take to control pests before the problem becomes out of hand:


  • Pests are attracted to food and moisture. They also easily accumulate over the places that are not clean and are a site for the accumulation of water. So, make sure that you always store food in sealed containers and clean your spaces regularly, so that every nook and cranny remains clean and pest free.
  • Clutter is also a major reason for the growth of pests. Remove stacks of magazines, cardboard, and newspaper.
  • There are many places such as cracks, crevices, baseboards or cabinets which pests can use as entry points and breeding grounds. Fill any cracks or spaces around pipes and cover any holes with wire mesh.
  • If there is any leakage in the plumbing sites, get it fixed immediately. Don’t allow the water to collect in open spaces or coolers in your commercial building.
  • Cover open drains as they can be an active site for the accumulation of pests.
  • Take precaution when you’re using chemicals to kill the pests; use those that are approved for commercial use.
  • Educate everyone in your school and commercial space on how to maintain cleanliness. Pests also enter your space from the items brought from the outside. Therefore, don’t just keep your area clean but also make sure that your surroundings are tidy and hygienic.
  • The lack of pest infestation services on a regular basis makes your commercial spaces vulnerable to pests, so give Bug Busters a call for your free inspection today.


  • Never carry boxes or packages in your commercial space without checking it for pests first.
  • Don’t throw garbage here and there; that can become a dumping ground for the pests.
  • Don’t let moisture accumulate in your schools or commercial spaces.
  • Don’t let crevices and little openings become a breeding site for the pests.
  • Never store building materials, or firewood at your commercial space.
  • The most important tip is not to control the infestation of pests on your own. You need to have the knowledge and expertise to control the problem pests bring, else it can even lead to even greater hazards.


If you’re looking for the best commercial pest control services, then Bug Busters can protect every inch of your commercial space from rodents and pests. Bug Busters employs a highly trained staff and years of experience in commercial pest control.  We not only help you evade out the pest infestation completely, but also restrict their penetration in the future. The critters can inhabit your spaces at anytime of the day, but the good news is that our services run around the clock to deal with them. So just connect with us, and we’ll be right at your doorstep to teach the pests a good lesson. 24/7!