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Bug Busters Office Pest Control Service

Some offices show high foot traffic over and above a large employee base working at desks all day. Do you know steady, round-the-clock foot traffic presents the perfect opportunity for pests to get inside office buildings?

Contrary to popular belief, glistening office floors may be home to some common pests generally occupying office buildings. Common pests like:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Fungus gnats
  • Fleas
  • Bees and wasps
  • Bird mites
  • Mice/ Rats
  • Spiders
  • and more.

These pests are a potential threat to employee attendance and outputs. They can also undermine office efforts to maintain documents, supplies and the building structure itself. Hiring professionals, like Bug Busters, is necessary to address the problems regarding pest control for office buildings. Commercial pest control services disinfest and implement preventative programs to avoid re-infestations.

New technologies are entering all industries and services. Take for example the pest control services. The latest technology enables sensors to send a message to a computer or cell phone with an alert. Thanks to this technological innovation, we can now deploy insect light traps and test monitors, as well as pheromone traps and tiles or pads. These are positioned in a way to note active rodents on a property. Sensor technology relies on movement rather than a trap to identify a pest positively. Simple, isn’t it? Housekeeping and maintenance employees report issues via text to their pest-control companies!

Newer technology used to detect pests shows what to look for and sends an alert towards targeted pest management. Noting several ants stuck on a sticky trap or damaged/missing weather-strips under doors alerts your pest control agency of what the need of the hour is to help manage all of your pest control needs.

Moreover, targeted repellents make for a very selective pest-control approach. We place the latest products in cracks and crevices to target hidden pests. Employees and all those visiting office-building experience reduced exposure to pest repellents. Exclusion has become a favorite word in addition to the word sanitation. For example, try removing rodents totally, once they have made their way into your property. You will quickly discover it is not only very difficult but near impossible. Exclusion does not allow the problem to appear again once pest control services carry out total disinfestation.

However, baits are still effective for pest management efforts. Pests unknowingly take poisons to hiding spots and share it. Such baits efficiently work on termites and other ‘social’ or colonizing insects.

Choosing professional office pest control services is a necessary step. In addition to this, customized services make for simple and quick pest management.

Bug Busters help all kinds of businesses address their pest issues. We work in areas from Virginia Beach to Roanoke. In fact, as Virginia’s Chosen Pest Control Service Professionals – Bug Busters – is a perfect choice for pest control for office buildings. Why, indeed why should you take our or anybody’s word for it?

How Our Office Pest Control Team Can Solve Your Problem

Our Bug Busters Pest Control is a wholly family-owned company for that special personal touch for all pest management services. We serve requirements of office buildings in Richmond, Roanoke, Farmville to Hampton Roads and all points in between. As one of the largest family-owned pest control companies in the state, we ensure excellent service by certified exterminator workers for pest removal. Rid your office building of pests for good for the future.

Hiring the preferred commercial pest control company shows you value your reputation. Bug Busters protect your investment while contributing quietly to help you make an impression on all your concerns. Commercial properties using pest control services save a lot on preventing pest problems from becoming a headache from lost business, profits and time, damaged reputation as well as fines or shutdowns. A free inspection is what guarantees no violations of health and safety regulations. An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) System develops a plan to eliminate the infestation and to minimize future use of chemicals.

Bed Bug Pest Control Services for Office Buildings

Surprisingly, a bed bug infestation can be extremely detrimental to any company! Don’t just suspect a bed bug infestation, request a K9 bed bug inspection, and set your doubts to rest.

The fact is that a shocking 35% of pest control companies treat office buildings for bed bugs. Bug Busters can proactively monitor for bed bugs and treat infested areas in time to prevent the problem from escalating.

Office buildings offer a good enough environment when it comes to a bug infesting the place. No wonder offices are seeking bed bug treatments much more frequently.

The good news is that we, with innovative technology, can be as discreet as the bed bug pest. Use highly effective but easy-to-use bed bug monitors that become one with the environment. Remediate infestations immediately to prevent workplace interruptions. If you see bed bugs in the office, don’t panic. Implement a Bed Bug Disaster Plan with a communication strategy, resources, and procedures to manage the issue.

Commercial Office Building Pest Control

Commercial pest control is all about saving time and money with proactive intent. Pest management programs provide trapping and monitoring devices. Programs identify the necessary pest control treatment. They reinforce pest barriers with mechanical exclusion techniques such as sealing places of likely infestations. Special treatments all through the year keep away new emerging pests. Take a hands-on experience with quality control reports, materials used, and suggestions to maintain pest control for office buildings.

How to Start Pest Control in The Office Building

It is easy to start once you have identified the need and understand its importance. Assessments provide customized solutions to fit businesses and their budgets. Receive weekly, monthly, or one-time commercial pest control guaranteed with reliable, high-quality service from a state-certified company you can trust.

Bug Busters make it their mission to rid your office building of pests. We defend it by keeping them all out once we get them out. Pests in offices and workplaces influence productivity negatively. Timely pest control programs target the most common pests to increase profits once again. After all, employees may well be considering their workspaces as a second home since they spend so much time there Monday through Friday and during weekends too.

Yes, this could also mean ECO-FRIENDLY, CHEMICAL FREE Treatment Options that are 100% NATURAL.

Career-minded employees must focus on the work they are doing at all times. Pests can present a huge, distracting problem. Every company must think about ensuring a calm, clean, pest-free workspace setting for their employees. Employees working efficiently and effectively naturally contribute to the company’s overall success. Bug Busters Pest Control Services fit in with your unique needs. We deal with arising pest issues, keeping in mind your business, facility and staff’s preferences. Ensure a pest-free environment for your employees at all times.

Timely and comprehensive inspections and regular services carry out cockroach cleanouts, bird and pest removal. Every office building needs to manage and prevent a wide range of pest infestations, including the common office building pests. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program focuses on inspecting and understanding the individual situation and building.

Bug Busters Office Pest Control Service Area

An office building free of pests will keep employees and visitors happy. They can go about their work smoothly without concerns.
Family-owned, Bug Busters Pest Control Company serves a large portion of Virginia Beach to Roanoke and Central Virginia in the United States. We currently provide pest control services for office buildings throughout Richmond, Roanoke, Farmville, right up to Hampton Roads, and other surrounding counties.
Bug Busters Pest Control Company Keeps Pests Out!
Our certified and courteous exterminators target and eliminate the pests creeping around in office buildings.
We provide efficient and effective prevention against:

  • Ants-> Termites
  • Bed Bugs-> Cockroaches
  • Silverfish-> Stink Bugs
  • Mice and Rats -> Millipedes
  • Spider-> Beetles

And more!

Bug Busters Pest Control Company specializes in pest control for office building areas with the most foot traffic, as well as smaller office locations.

  • Entranceways->Lobbies
  • Break and Vending areas->Restrooms
  • Lounges->Cafeterias
  • Mechanical rooms->Tenant Workspaces

Keep all the above areas free of unwanted pests. It will put a smile on all employees, tenants, and visitors of your office building.

Why Hire Bug Busters for Office Building Pest Control?

  • We offer service details, dates of visits, and reports of technician findings.
  • Bug Busters are accessible 24/7 online and are available 24/7 for on-call emergency services.
  • Get our initial comprehensive inspection, at no cost, to design an office-building pest control program.
  • A detailed log of the technician’s record of areas inspected, findings, and services rendered.
  • Our technicians do the job right the first time.
  • Our schedules are flexible, including emergency visits.
  • We have a minimum use of pesticides by using more organic and natural solutions.
    Years of experience back our results.
  • We have easy to reach, dedicated professionals available to assist anytime.
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