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Pest Control in Storage Units; Tips to Get Rid of Pests by Professionals

Pest control is a very basic requirement for every storage unit. The main reason why self-storage units are at risk of getting damaged is because of pest infestations. A pest infestation occurs because operators don’t have adequate control over what’s brought into the units. Pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, skunks, mice, ticks, spiders, black ants, bed bugs, hornets, termites, snakes, wildlife, and others can spread bacteria and microbes. Pest infestations that spread concealed can grow unnoticed and can even spread from one unit to another.

There are many reasons why pest infestation spreads fast. A big reason is because rodents reproduce rapidly so they become a reason for big concern in a couple of weeks. For example, one pregnant mouse living in storage units can cause severe destruction. Storage pest control is very necessary to keep goods fresh that are kept in storage. There are many fears that operators have and one among them is pest infestation as their prized belongings are prone to be taken over by the pests. There should be proper planning done by the operators for a storage facility. If the pest infestation is not controlled by the operator, it increases the operating cost of storage units.

1- Regular checks on the pest control

An operator should ask the staff to keep a regular check on the pest control. Pest control should be done before renting the storage units to ensure further safety. Big store operators have contracts with the pest control companies for the safety of the storage units from pests. Pest control makes it difficult for the pests to find their way in and from one storage unit to another unit.

2- Call in an expert

There should be a regular check of the storage unit by the expert so that the problem of an infestation can be eliminated. Once the problem is detected, an expert should be called as early as possible to save the store from damage. Experts help the operators in assessing the problem, will provide the best solution, and will further suggest for the preventing of the storage units from a pest infestation. If any sign of a pest infestation is noticed, an operator should contact the proper pest control company, Bug Busters Pest Control Services.

3- Containers must be used

For the storing of goods in storage units, preference must be given to containers instead of cardboard boxes. Cardboards are easily infested, and they can be easily used by nesting rodents. Hard plastic containers must be used and they should be tightly sealed. The plastic box takes less space and it also makes it difficult for the pest to invade. The boxes should be stored on a raised pallet, so it helps in preventing smaller pests from finding the refuge underneath. If any items are placed in a store, they should be inspected thoroughly to ensure that pests are not hidden in any box.

4- Usage of pest prevention

There are various ways by which pests in the storage units can be controlled, such as cotton balls soaked in lavender oil or peppermint oil which should be kept in store as these are natural pest deterrents. Rat traps can also be used near the walls of the store to eliminate the problem of the pest infestation. Spray applications should be done in the storage units for effective prevention. Trash should be kept out of the store as it is the basic reason that attracts the pests.

5- Say no to food

Food items should not be stored in the units. At many storage units, food items are forbidden because it’s the main reason for attracting the pest into the store. Food items have a high propensity to attract vermin and insects. The place in the store where food items were once kept must be washed properly and must also be sanitized. Perishable items should never be stored in the units. Living plants in units also attract pests so they should also be avoided. Do not leave any food crumbs or food remnants in the store as they also help in establishing pest infestations.

6- Wrap upholstered furniture

Items that cannot be stored in the plastic box must be wrapped. This will help in protecting the furniture. Mice love to destroy the fabric and if they are stored in a hard-plastic box, it will be difficult for them to damage the belongings. Before packing, all items must be cleaned. Items like clothing and linens should be washed with hot water before storing to help eliminate pest eggs or pests. Unused furniture should be eliminated from the storage units as they attract the mice in the buildings. Units should be prepared for long term storage by equipping it with mouse traps, rat poison, and fly tape to catch any kind of intruder. All these things should be kept in storage units all the time for better prevention.

7- Scope out the reasons

The operator of the store must scope out the reasons for the pest infestation. If the operator is able to find out the proper reason behind the pest infestation, it will be beneficial since adequate measures can be taken for the prevention of pests. Garbage and trash are also the main reasons for infestation. Trash should be eliminated from the store. Holes in the storage unit, if any, must be closed, as holes are the best places for mice to come in. If there is any hole at the exterior of the storage unit, it must be closed. Standing water near the store is also a thing of concern as it attracts mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, etc. Pest stays longer in standing water; to eliminate this problem, proper measures should be taken by operators.

8- Stay on top of pest control

Storage pest control is very important as it helps in reducing the operating cost of the store and along with that, it also helps in keeping goods safe in the store. If goods are kept away from pests, the product’s life span increases. If any signs of pest infestations are noticed by anyone in the store, immediately inform the facility manager. Goods kept in storage should be chosen very wisely.

How Bug Busters Help in Regards to Storage Pest Control

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