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Are you looking for certified pest exterminators near you? Look no further than Bug Busters Pest Control Services, offering same-day services to help you rest easy tonight.

All that you need to do to get the best of Virginia’s chosen pest control professional services is to go ahead and choose Bug Busters, an accredited exterminator near you.

How do you do that? Simple and quick. Find an ‘exterminator near me’ by searching it and following it up here, with us. You contact us and we will respond. We have customer service available 24/7. We are open to all residents and businesses in, Richmond, Roanoke, Farmville, Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Lynchburg, and all points in between. Bug Busters’ success is due to the credit that our exterminators bring to the company. Though a family-owned company, Bug Busters Pest Control Services relies on the excellent customer services that our certified exterminators provide. Each member of our exterminator team is trained skillfully in how to find pests and protect your home or commercial property from infestations in the future as well. A 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services is what we provide because of continued dedication from our team of exterminators.

We have rapidly become one of the largest family-owned pest control services in the state of Virginia. So we are happy to provide a unique way to reach out to us. You can call our office, visit our location, or chat with us online any time. Our valued potential customers can now seek help from a Bug Busters exterminator online! Send in your details via our secured contact form. We get in touch quickly to find out more and help you further.


Our potential clients can search through our entire listing of Virginia Extermination locations. Stop wondering about where to get pest and termite treatment services for any location in Central/ South Eastern VA. Bug Busters Pest Control can tailor a solution to your specific location, once we know where you are exactly situated. Pest problems are usually specific to regions and seasons and we take those in mind when building a pest package for you. However, new pests can threaten homes or commercial premises anytime during the entire year. Our Bug Busters exterminator specialists will come out to make sure you get maximum protection at the least exposure.

Bug Busters Pest Control Services, a family-owned company treats all neighborhood / residential areas and commercial properties for various pests. We address client concerns over common house bugs, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, bedbugs, ticks, all kinds of termites, ants, centipedes, earwigs, stink bugs,  fleas as well as mice, rats, roaches, and wildlife. We now have more branches spanning a larger area of Virginia. Search for an exterminator near me quickly so that we can start our pest control programs as early as possible.

Getting through the tedious task of searching for a nearby exterminator has become more simple than ever before. Bug Busters Pest Control Services gives you the chance to get in touch with an exterminator nearby simple and quick. Our highly trained professionals with years of experience near you will ensure to provide a customized solution to your pest control problem immediately. Find a Bug Busters exterminator and you are assured of satisfying your unique needs. It is why so many customers have chosen us and entrusted us with the job of keeping their property pest-free.


Select a location from our website to check out our branch offices. Get in touch with the nearest one to your place of residence or business. Once you have determined the one nearest that can serve you, see available services and contact information for a scheduled service visit. Bug Busters’ exterminator services can even provide an estimate or schedule a home inspection at your convenience. Don’t just call the nearest exterminator, call a Bug Busters exterminator and see the difference that a nationally accredited company can provide.


Bug Busters Pest Control Services knows all about the pests you are concerned about, and there’s a chance for you to learn more. Visit Bug Busters online information on the habits and habitats of common pests. At least you can start preparing right away to get some relief from our friendly pest-free tips. But don’t ignore the need for a professional exterminator for long, especially when we offer no-obligation inspections. Pest problems have a way of escalating tremendously in short durations of time. Before you know it, pests can start appearing in just about every nook and cranny. An increased pest population makes them bolder. Don’t be surprised or shocked when pests dart out daringly to startle you. Deal with your pest control problems before they escalate. Bug Busters has proven methods to provide you with the help you need.

Bug Busters has been providing top-quality preventive measures to keep pests out since 2004 so we know all about the common pests. Visiting the online Bug Busters pest library pages will show the habits and habitats of the most common pests that are likely to dart out in front of you to startle and shock you. You could learn about common pests, along with easy ways to control infestations until you take the help of one of Bug Busters’ pest control programs. You will learn more about flies, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps, ants, termites, bed bugs, roaches, rodents like rats and mice, and more.


Apart from being a ‘PEST’, insignificantly small wildlife can, not only test your patience but destroy your property too. Think health issues too, because bites and scratches can transmit diseases very fast. There are more than a hundred species of pests in Virginia but you might notice only a few of them. However, that does not mean they are absent. In short, don’t expose yourself to serious diseases. Have you called a nearby exterminator yet? No? Please do it right away. Here’s your chance to find an ‘exterminator near me’ simple and quick. When you get in touch with Bug Busters pest exterminator services, rest assured that courteous and knowledgeable exterminators come out to you to solve your pest problem.

Whatever your needs, a Bug Busters exterminator can guide you with the proper procedures. Our skilled and trained nearby exterminator will attend to any of your pest control, termite control, bed bug treatment needs with efficiency.


Bug Busters Pest Control Services has a solid reputation as a top-rated company in Central/ South Eastern Virginia. Bug Busters’ exterminators are trained, licensed, and insured to offer commercial as well as residential pest control services. They will help you receive guaranteed control integrated pest management services for your home or business. Bug Busters’s exterminator service plans eliminate pest infestations from pests like spiders, bed bugs, roaches, crickets, ants, mice, rats, wasps, and more.

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