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Bug Busters Pest Control Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Bug Busters is a family-owned, private company operating successfully for over a decade. People living in Virginia look no further for professional exterminators and pest control services.

Our customers can look forward to a higher quality of pest control in all of Virginia, be it residential or commercial property. Bug Busters provides the best services in Richmond, Roanoke, Farmville, Hampton Roads, and all points in between. Our trained staff is efficient and courteous.

Bug Busters is proud to include other pest control services like cleaning out attics, attic insulation, inspection, and installation. This has become possible because we have highly-screened professionals. Our customers are never apprehensive of our technicians on their property. Bug Busters wants to forever exceed customer expectations in services and satisfaction.

This may be the perfect time to call in Bug Busters to protect your family, home, and business from unwanted and harrowing pests. You have to be aware of all the different pests that can take advantage of no insulation or faulty insulation in the attic. An attic is out of view and seldom used. Most people never give a thought to what goes on in the attic until they are forced to enter for emergencies when something requires immediate attention.

Why do you need pest control in the attic?

Attic insulation should not be viewed only from the point of savings on your heating bills. Faulty insulation can cause pest problems that can escalate if they go unknown or ignored. Any sightings of pests disappearing into the attic calls for serious attention.

Beware of pests using the attic for their coming and goings and/or habitation. Bug Busters will take control of your pest problems and keep them out. We are ever ready to return if they do make a comeback.

We will rid your residential or commercial property from:

Entrust your pest control problems to professionals using proven elimination programs. Bug Busters always keeps customers’ home and business environments pest-free and healthy in view. Never ignore tell-tale signs of a termite presence. Let us exterminate and eliminate your mice and rodent problems. Get a bat evaluation done to set your mind at ease. Some people consider squirrels a nuisance, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors doing serious activities. Keep your yard or home free of squirrels; we deploy humane catch and release traps.

It is very important to deal with a bed bug pest problem professionally. Remove infestations totally, even in the attic, or risk a comeback. Domestic or commercial, Bug Busters is ready for the challenge anytime! Just give us a call.

Attics are the prime source of creepy crawlies like various spiders – sac, wolf, crab, jumping, and fishing spiders. Another creepy crawly you never want to sight, especially around food and while eating are cockroaches.

Beware; dealing with pests like yellow jackets, wasps and hornets in their nest on your own will only make the situation worse. Call in the professionals – Bug Busters, of course!

Insulate Attic for Satisfactory Pest Control

Thinking of pest control along with insulation raises questions of acceptance around humans and pets. People need to have pest control attic insulation that is deadly to creepy crawlies but spares their pets. Humans always need to feel safe around pesticides.

Bug Busters’ pest control and insulation services always use U.S. EPA-labeled pesticides. Natural fiber treated with boric acid and brand formulations go into insulation installations. Our customers save on their heating bills by counting on attic insulation that is high-quality, thermal insulation that is equipped with pest control management properties. Noise-free, fire retardant, and environment-friendly solutions are other qualities you get without asking for.

Natural Insulation

Pest Control in the attic stands for natural technologies such as natural cellulose and natural pesticides. This imparts greater stability for longer-term effectiveness. New constructions or even existing insulated attics can have attic pest control as part of a total pest management package. Cap all existing attic insulation or walls and crawlspaces – insulate as well as control pests now. Savings on pest control based attic insulation reduces energy costs. It keeps the structure safe for its entire life.

Bug Busters Also Offers:

  • Blown-In Insulation
  • Formaldehyde-free Batt Fiberglass Insulation
  • Termite Resistant Foam Insulation

Remove old, rodent-infested attic insulation completely. Clean up and sanitize droppings as well as pathogens. Homes can be surprisingly under-insulated. Don’t take brand new homes for granted. Insulations payback within two years providing a lifetime of carefree home living!

Pest control insulation from Bug Busters can save up to 20, 30, or 40% on heating bills. Furnace costs come down automatically with an insulation R-Value higher than that of fiberglass. We are ready to give out more information and offer free, no-obligation consultations too!

Mold Remediation and Pest Control Insulation in Attics

These processes can go together for additional benefits without higher cost worries. Licensed contractors like us use borate applications to preserve the wood. Full satisfaction with mold remediation and mold stain removal is guaranteed. Natural fiber with boric acid insulation provides pest-controlling properties while ensuring fire-retardant, thermal enhancement, and sound control.

No More Worries on What’s Lurking in Your Attic

Bug Busters Pest Control Services Inc. will install TAP Pest Control Attic Insulation to domestic or commercial properties. Don’t ignore your attic in your home improvement plans this year. Make your home a healthier place to live in from the top down. Virginia’s climate can be cloyingly humid at times. Timely attic inspections sniff out pests seeking the warmth in winter. Go for energy-smart and health-conscious solutions by hiring Bug Busters this season. Reclaim your attic space, especially if the members of your family have increased.

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