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During the rainy season, gutters route run-off from a very large surface to where it can drain away from the house. By doing so, we can protect siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage and help prevent flooding in basements. The effect of clogged gutters costs millions of dollars each year in water damage, flooding, and foundation erosion. Gutter cleaning is a continuous and very important home maintenance task that should not be ignored until the leaves arrive in the fall season. Many home experts suggest that you clean your gutters three to four times each year, but with Dry Seal’s seamless gutters, you never have to worry about that.

The trees which are planted in your backyard produce an organic litter in the form of buds, flowers, seeds, and leaves on a never-ending annual cycle. Evergreen is just as bad as they shed needles and other bits of debris throughout the year. After every rainstorm, asphalt from roads runoff into your gutters, inevitably causing them to clog. A regular home with 1,500 square-feet sheds close to 1000 gallons of water for each inch of rain. In order to stop water from penetrating your home or impacting the foundation, it becomes key to collect this water and channel it away from your home; gutters serve just that purpose.

When gutters have huge amounts of debris piled up above the flashing. The debris can hold moisture on the fascia boards-the horizontal boards at the end of the roof overhang. This moisture can also cause numerous other problems, including dry rot and ice dams.

In addition to standing water, the gutters that are neglected will collect heavy debris that has gathered over time. That debris of waste materials and water can weigh as much as 370 pounds and can damage the angle of the gutter. Due to excess weight, if the pitch gets broken then the standing water can overflow into the foundation of the home, causing lots of unwanted damage, which is why clearing gutter is very crucial.

Most people don’t realize that clogged gutters can end up costing them thousands of dollars. Gutter rot is very expensive. What exactly happens is that the gutter overflowed and rots the boards holding them inside of the house.

But when you try to clean your gutter on your own, please be careful. The number one cause of death and injury for homeowners is falling from ladders.

Types of gutter systems

Here is a simple overview of the many different components of your gutter system and how they work to protect your home:

Downspouts: These are long tubes, often at the corners of a house, that extend from the roof to the ground. They carry the water from the gutters to the ground. If the downspouts are clogged, the whole gutter system will not work properly, and the rainwater will pour over the edge of gutters.

Extensions: It is one of the pieces that fit on one end of the downspouts and extends a minimum of 5 feet from the house. It is usually made of metal. This is an extremely important part of the gutter system, and one that is usually missing or has been steeping and is not working properly.
Rain Gutters: Rain gutters are situated at the top of the house and they hang at a degree of a certain slope so that the flow of the water can be diverted to the downspouts. These are the main catchall for rainwater and snow melting off the roof.

Underground Drains: These are the applications where the downspouts go into underground drains, which lead the water away from the house. These pipes can be on the end, letting the water flow out into the yard. It is very important to have these drains cleaned at a regular interval. If the situation occurs that the debris builds to a level where the water stops passing through it, lines may have to be dug up and redone as an above-ground drain system.

Why you should choose professional gutter cleaning

Our gutter cleaning services are available throughout Virginia including Roanoke, Mechanicsville, Virginia Beach, Colonial Heights, and more! It is essential to get regular cleaning and repair done to your gutter system. Perhaps you have noticed a sagging gutter, loose downspout, or some kind of leakage from underground pipes. Even if you haven’t, our friends at Dry Seal offer free, no-obligation estimates, so give them a call today to ensure your gutter system functions as it should.

Gutter cleaning services can help you in no time. Addressing minor repairs during a regular gutter cleaning is the best way to maintain the integrity of your gutter system. An experienced and professional cleaning service will be able to spot and repair the damage before it becomes a bigger, more costly issue professional. The gutter cleaner will be able to give you the right assessment of your gutter system and let you know when it is time to replace your gutters.

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