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Lawns and gardens are the prized possession of just about every house owner. They put so much time and effort to maintain it’s beauty and overall look. Wonder why it is so? For many, gardening is a passion, while others are just admirers of natural beauty. You just cannot ignore the aesthetic beauty of a well-maintained garden.
But do you know the effort that goes into taking care of it? It can be a real chore, even for the ones who have a real knack for getting their fingers dirty in the mud. Here, it can get difficult to handle it all yourself, but with Bug Busters, you can get personalized services for your lawns. We do lawn care throughout Virginia including Colonial Heights, Farmville, Virginia Beach and more!

Why choose a professional pest control company for lawn care?

The garden requires regular trimming, mowing, fertilizing, and heading off. If you are working on regular gardening tasks, your garden might not get the attention for pest management that it really requires. So while you take care of your lawn’s ornamental needs, trust us to keep your beautiful yard one that is pest-free. But, if you are still not sure, here are a few reasons why it is better to hire a professional:

1. Saves time: When you get into do-it-yourself, it is given that you will require a lot of time. Since you are an amateur, focusing on making your garden right, it will need a lot of planning, researching and then actual experimenting in the garden, which will take up a lot of your time. So, if you don’t have the extra time to research the proper pesticides, call our professional team. If you hire a professional company to take care of your lawns, you can save that time for more productive areas.

2. Get expert knowledge: We all know that the internet does not always have authentic information. Even if it does, you might not be able to pull it off as well as a trained person. Applying the wrong pesticide can be dangerous and it can also ruin crops. So, unless you want to put your garden at risk and ruin it for good, it is advised to hire a professional. People hire a professional for a reason, that is their knowledge and expertise.

3. Saves money: Taking care of a lawn requires a lot of tools and equipment. So, when you go to buy it yourself, you will spend a huge amount of money experimenting on what is most efficient for you. But, when you hire a company to do the work for you, it will reduce the cost since the companies work at a larger level, making the use of economies of scale, and are trained to know the perfect product(s) to use for each scenario.

4. Get rid of stress: As if life today isn’t stressful enough, you don’t need another tension of taking care of your garden. Pest control of your yard or garden can be a stressful, full-time job requiring a lot of effort. But, when you delegate it to an outside company, they handle all the inputs. The liability of completing the work with efficiency is entirely on them, leaving you relieved.

What are lawn care treatments?

Lawn care is an extensive process that involves various methods and treatments. Depending on the need of your lawn, you can make a package in which you can add a few services, as per your requirements. Bug Busters uses eco-friendly solutions customized for your unique needs. The following are a few services that you might need:

1. Controlling weeds:

Weeds can be a nuisance and do irreparable harm to the garden. Therefore, controlling the growth of weeds is of utmost importance. To achieve it a few things are done:

  • Competition: Weeds are weak plants, which only thrive in sunny and thinly planted lawns. Hence, to stop their growth, Bug Busters advises that you plant more of turfgrasses.
  • Pre-emergent herbicides: Herbicides are chemicals that are administered to the grass, once they have matured. It is the most common treatment for weeds. Herbicides are generously spread over the lawn, especially in the areas that witness more growth of weeds. Our certified technicians will choose the best method for your lawn.
  • Post-emergent herbicides: If the pre-treatment is skipped, herbicides are used later on to kill both the visible and small plants. It reduces the chance of them appearing later on and causing havoc in your lawn.

2. Controlling insects:

All lawns are the breeding grounds for a wide array of insects. They not only hinder the growth of your lawn, but can even cause harm to you. In such situations, it gets crucial to take action against these insects, which is using pesticides. These chemicals easily kill off the insects, without harming the plants and soils. Since it involves chemicals, it must always be done by trained professionals.

3. Controlling diseases:

An overly fertilized, cut too short or improperly watered lawn, is most likely to be infected by diseases. Most of the diseases in a lawn are caused by the spread of fungi and to stop them from spreading a fungicide treatment of the lawn is done.

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Although there are numerous companies that provide lawn care and lawn treatments, it is difficult to choose the right one. You can trust Bug Busters to take care of your lawn and cater to all your needs through our personalized packages. Our team will treat your lawn like their own and care for it with the utmost efficiency.

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