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Moisture in our home is a normal thing and generally, it is produced when you cook, bathe, wash dishes, or caused by other similar activities. During rainy seasons, when the house is not properly ventilated, moisture enters through basements, crawl spaces, and walls.

Moisture condenses into water drops when warm, humid air touches a cool surface. In the winter season, such surfaces that lack proper insulation like windows, walls, and doors are easily acceptable places for moisture to build up. Some water droplets accumulate on these cool surfaces and slowly damage the walls and structural components by causing peeling paint.

This is also an interesting fact that humidity is important for our health and normal humidity levels are required for feeling comfortable. But excessive moisture can be responsible for several types of health issues, like severe allergies and asthmatic conditions.

On the other side, if your home has low humidity levels, it may cause itchy eyes, dry skin, and difficulty in breathing causing painful sinuses. This is usually happening in the winter season when the air quality is very dry.

Why homes get so humid

This is the most basic question that comes to everyone’s mind, that what exactly causes an excess of humidity in your home or workplace? There are several reasons for it. High humidity happens when the moisture enters your home and doesn’t escape out easily. The main tool by which the humidity level of your home can be put to control is with the help of an AC unit.

Some notable factors which are responsible for excessive moisture in our home are:

  • Daily activities like washing clothes in the machine, taking a shower, cooking, etc.
  • Some leaks or cracks through which moisture can enter our home
  • Rising dampness occurs in some rare cases, but this can also be the reason

Problems that occur due to moisture in our homes

Although dealing with moisture in our home is a very common thing and most people ignore its consequences, here are some problems which can occur if you leave this issue unresolved:

Health Complications

Humidity is a very important aspect of good and healthy air quality. Due to this, it puts a direct impact on health. If the levels of humidity become very high, it becomes difficult for sweat to evaporate quickly as it takes place in a normal situation. This actually has some health complications and it has been observed that people usually feel problems while breathing leading to anxiety and faintness in some severe situations.


Such problems can be very annoying for most of us. When humidity increases in the environment, several types of bugs prefer a warm and pleasing atmosphere to survive and find shelter in your home. Such environmental conditions are ideal for them to survive. The rise in the level of moisture is indirectly welcoming the bugs and various types of pests.

Mold also likes humid conditions. When the relative humidity is higher than 80%, molds are most likely to develop more than 50% of the time than in normal humid conditions.

The decay of wooden materials

In our homes, wood is the most common material which is used for decoration purposes as well as for furniture. Moisture hampers wooden surfaces to deform and distort its original shape. In some cases, a big amount of moisture can cause wood decay that can destroy the material completely.

Dust mites

Some people are allergic to dust mites and experience symptoms like itchy eyes, respiratory problems, sneezing, and stuffy nose.

Damages Electronic Appliances

As we have already mentioned, excessively humid conditions can not only deteriorate our health but also damages our possessions. Our valuable possessions like electronic devices are easily vulnerable to get damaged by condensation. The moisture in excess may put corrosion on materials inside and lowers the insulation resistance that causes short circuits in some rare conditions. Such devices which are not waterproof are also at risk when there is a presence of the moisture.

What steps can be taken to avoid such conditions?

If you are concerned with the health and the comfort of you and your family, it’s very essential to fix this issue at the earliest moment possible.
The easiest solution for this is to install a dehumidifier in your home. This device takes the moisture from the atmosphere around your home and then collects it in a bucket that you can empty periodically. But this is a temporary solution and its effect may sustain only for a few

Some other easy solutions include:

  • Using an air-conditioner
  • Ventilating your home
  • Cooling down showers
  • Drying your clothes outside of your home
  • All these above-mentioned solutions are applicable if you are facing controllable moisture conditions. But excessive humidity in your home is a serious concern that should be addressed as soon as possible. If you experience interior humidity, it’s time to ask for professional help. You may contact your local moisture control service provider, Bug Busters to offer a free estimate and provide you with some immediate relief today.

The most common services we offer are:

  • Mold Abatement and Remediations- This service is provided when you are facing a mold problem in your home. Our trained team will inspect the whole area and provide a proper solution to fix this problem.
  • Insulations, Cleaning and Disinfecting- Cleaning of the affected area is done in this service as well.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation- Your crawl space is the right place for mold to grow and household pests to flourish. So, enough action is taken by our sister team of moisture control service professionals, Dry Seal Home and Basement Solutions, to encapsulate the crawl spaces.
  • Foundation Vent Installation and Repair- Vent installation and repair is offered by our service provider for your ease.
  • Basement Moisture Solutions- Offered to provide you with basement moisture solutions, protecting each area of your household.
  • Home Comfort Solutions- Proper cleaning and dehumidification are done to provide good quality home comfort to the client.
  • Wood Decay Fungus- Our company offers fungus control services to the owners to treat any kind of fungus in the items of furniture at your home

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