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Pest Control for Other Industries

The nasty little fleas and ticks feed on your pet’s blood and trigger many undesirable diseases. Your pet can reach a miserable state if you don’t treat the problem of flea and tick infestations on time. Here are a few ways to get rid of ticks and fleas from your home and your pets

Every industry is different so the problem that the pests cause also varies in nature. Business owners usually get confused when it comes to pest control. They usually think that pest control is only for industries like hospitality, hotels, restaurants, food manufacturing, and government or office buildings.
But do you know that the other industries like the pharmaceutical industry, cement industry, construction industry, aerospace industry, energy industry, multi-family residential buildings, computer repair shops, and all the other industries are also affected by pests? If you ignore this, it may destroy your business.

Are pests destroying your business?

There are many ways that pests can destroy your business.
First, they can spread a disease to your employees. Pest droppings are always harmful. There are also other leftovers from pests that are usually dangerous. Because of this, diseases can spread, and you may lose your potential clientele.
Pests can damage your reputation. Now imagine that you have a computer repair store and that you also have rats and mice there. What happens next? These rodents will try to sink their teeth into all the wires and cables, resulting in your business in a big loss. Remember that this loss is always bigger and worse than just having pest control in place.
Pests can also destroy your property. Business properties should be clean and maintained. Pests can enter in your property from even a small crack. Now if pests are there, they may damage your building by cutting wires, chewing woods, and spreading droppings. In this situation, your expense cost will also increase exponentially when you start repairing the building.

What type of pests do other industries usually have in their property?

Threats of pests are very common in other industries as well. Pests come in any form- like winged or un-winged, 2 legged, 4 legged, 8 legged, harmless but annoying pests like flies, flying or crawling pests… and the list goes on. Any of these pests may hide in your property and affect your business in a way that may even force a closedown.
There are many pests that you may not even know the name of. Some examples are crickets, bat bugs, earwigs, fleas, horntails, sowbugs, weevils, springtails, walking stick bugs, leaf miners, mayflies, leaf-footed bugs, locusts and many more.

Why do you choose us?

We at Bug Busters are not only servicing specific industries but we serve all the other industries as well. We bring the customized solution for your business specific need and do extermination of pests as per your specific requirement.
If your business is small, then you also are important to us. Whatever your business is, or whatever the employee count is – it does not matter to us at all. You are special to us and we treat you in this friendly, productive manner.
We have a well-qualified, trained and experienced team who visits your place, does the analysis and gives you a complete customized solution as per your requirement.
We perform all kinds of pest control services in other industries like fly control (ex. Bat removal), rodent control (rats, mice, moles, etc.), drain management (removing pests involved in bacteria control), and more.
Whatever pest you have in your property, you just name it and we will have the solution for controlling and saving your business from it.
We will also educate and assist you to control the pests effectively around your property.
We strive to protect your business. We work with our clients closely.

What other industries can expect from us?

Free consultation and estimation – we visit your property for free and analyze the situation. We will provide you with the free consultation and estimation of the cost of the pest control services that your industry needs.
Budget – we provide you with a customized solution as per your budget.
Working as per your day plan – you can schedule the pest control appointment at your convenience. We also provide emergency services of pest control so that you do not get annoyed and lose business because of a pest problem.
Compliance – we also take care of all the documentation and comply with the trends of pest activities, analysis, materials used, and process followed for pest control.

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