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Recent Customer Survey

Recent Customer Survey
I choose Bug Busters because they were the 1st one to pick up the phone. Oh and great website ? We called, they came, and were on time. Seemed to know what they were doing; ants and mice are gone.

Mary M.

The Technician was efficient and courteous ~ an excellent job and very prompt as to time scheduled. Thank him again for me.

Jean T.

Superb 5 star service – couldn’t be nicer and reallt knows whats he’s (the Bug Busters Technician) doing. Thank you!

Angel D.

I wanted to write you to express my gratitude for having employees on your team such as Wes Pearson. While our new home was being built, we temporarily lived at Charleston Ridge Apartments where I had the pleasure of meeting Wes while he was there to spray for spiders inside our apartment. Wes acted like a complete professional and even though I wasn’t a direct customer at the time, he took the time to answer all of my questions about my insect and snake concerns for when we would move into our new home. He gave me very thorough and detailed answers which I greatly appreciated. He was very kind and made me feel as though he took pride in what he did and the products that you all could provide to help keep our lot as bug, pest, and snake free as possible. Due to my meeting him, I found out the company for which he worked and called to get pricing. We had our first treatment today and look forward to the excellent customer service that Wes has shown to provide. Thank you.

Nancy L.

A big shout out to Bug Busters. Thank you for your diligence. Bug Busters found a leak in our pipes under the house during their scheduled inspection and contacted us immediately. Our son was able to fix this problem saving us damage and costly repairs. I highly recommend this company. They also resolved our bug issues.

William D.

I want to thank you very much for your attention to my problem with a snake. I really appreciate your willingness to make sure the issue was resolved.

Recent Customer Survey

About 2 weeks ago I contacted Bug Busters for pest control of wasps, spiders, ants and mosquitoes. I was impressed from the beginning, working with the knowledgeable and very friendly sales staff, and the compassionate technician that took care of every concern I had. I now get to enjoy the outdoors with my family without those awful spiders overhead or mosquitoes threatening my kids with horrible diseases! I actually haven’t seen a live spider in over a week!!! I am very happy with Bug Busters and literally brag about them all the time. You have given me peace of mind. Thank you!

Frances T.

They all were very professional, communicated everything they were performing, pleasant to talk with. I would highly recommend your company and I will be referring your company.

Lisa R.

Shawn is so knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful. He always asks how things have been since the last treatment. Anytime I’ve had a problem between scheduled appointments, y’all have always been extremely helpful and have gone above and beyond to help! I could ask for a better technician or company! Thanks for all y’all do!!!

Jay F.

We are so glad that we had the Mosquito/Flea-Tick treatment done in our yard this past summer. We were able to fully enjoy our back yard and deck without having to fight the mosquitoes or having to pick fleas or ticks off our dog. We will definitely continue this service for the next summer season. Thank you for great service.

Allison H.

Wesley was very friendly and efficient. He educated me on the type of cockroaches we have and waled me through his process and assured me I wouldn’t see anymore in a few days and he was right!

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