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Bed Bug Pest Control for a Comfortable Sleep

Bed bugs are tricky bugs that usually hide in narrow cracks, wall voids, crown molding, and crevices. They can dwell under rugs or behind baseboards. A bed bug can lay 12 eggs per day, which totals to 200-500 eggs during its entire lifetime. Furthermore, every bed bug grows and reproduces so quickly in hidden places that it is extremely difficult to confirm whether or not your house is infected with a bed bug infestation. So, the trick to beat these notorious bugs is by first analyzing their behavior and then implementing an effective bed bug pest control plan. Let’s dig in to learn a few important things about bed bugs.

Bed bugs are most often confused with other pests. According to a survey by the National Pest Management Association taken in 2018, 84% of the pest control specialists were initially informed about different kinds of pests before those pests were actually identified as bed bugs. Moreover, there are at least 1 out of 5 Americans who have confirmed they had a bed bug infestation in their home or surroundings. The given fact is enough to predict that the bed bug infestations are becoming more common and it’s only increasing day by day.

What are Bed Bugs and How do They Bite?

The name “bed bugs” is derived because these pests are generally found in close vicinity to beds. The bed bugs are constantly on a search for warm-blooded animals for their survival. These pests need only 35 days to mature, and then they can survive for about 7-12 months. Hence, it is difficult to remove the bed bugs without seeking professional help.

These pests feed on humans or mammals sleeping in bed. The bed bug bite is painless, and their blood meal takes around 10 minutes.

How do the Bed Bugs Hunt?

Bed bugs typically find their hosts once their prey has fallen asleep. The carbon dioxide, body heat, and other biological indicators make it easy for bed bugs to feed on the unsuspecting hosts. The bed bug gets back to its harborage place and stays for a few days before they come back out. This, as a result, makes the bed bug infestation impossible to detect until the infestation is exterminated completely by the professionals who hold specialization in providing the best bed bug extermination service near you.

Common Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Knowledge is the best way to stop or prevent a bed bug infestation. Understanding the possible signs of bed bugs, followed by the effective prevention methods, is perhaps what you need.

Here are a few common signs of a bed bug infestation that you should not ignore:

Red Itchy Spots Everywhere on the Body

The bed bug bites are small and red in appearance, though it is not necessary that everyone will show the reaction to them. If you are one of them, then you’re fortunate enough to be safe from itching. Bed bugs inject in an aesthetic way that prevents the sleeping victims from feeling it. So, you would just notice the bite after you wake up.

Secondary Skin Infection

One of the serious complications of a bed bug is that it causes secondary skin infections, leading to continuous itching. The itching is so severe that it breaks your skin and germs find their way through it. This further causes a bacterial infection at the place of your bite mark. The itching can even spread from the area of the bite to the rest of your body. You might experience lack of sleep due to the secondary skin infection and continuous scratching.

An Unpleasant Odor That Lasts All Day

Another major complication of bed bugs is that they bring a strong, pungent smell that you might experience the whole day. The common ideology behind this is that your nose is the most sensitive organ and it senses the smell of bugs even before your eyes could detect them. Bed bugs release pheromones from their glands to warn other bugs in their group when they get displaced in other direction. To human eyes, bed bug bites are often confused with those of other insect bites. If your living room smells like a dumping ground, then it might be the time for an inspection to get rid of those nasty bugs.

Uncomfortable sleep

Bed bugs often take shelter on the bed where you spend most of your night. They usually wait for you to fall asleep before pouncing on your bed but are known to bite even when you’re awake and active. They’ll bite you while you’re sleeping, which can be quite uncomfortable and annoying. The bite might not be painful, but the irritation will leave you withered the whole night on your bed. The tell-tale bite mark and itchy welts while lying asleep won’t let you have a peaceful night’s rest. The most surprising fact is that bed bugs don’t feed on the human skin every night. They can stay several days without having anything to eat. So, it might take a few days to notice that the bites are a part of the bed bug pattern.

Fecal Droppings on the Bed

Do you find small fecal droppings on your bed that look like specks? The dark stains that you find on your bed and pillowcase might be an indication that bed bugs are taking shelter on your bed. You’ll be amazed to know that as soon as bed bugs take their blood meal, they poo almost immediately. The fecal droppings that you find left behind on your bed might be the physical sign of bed bugs in your home.

Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestations?

If you have discovered the troublesome household pests, known as bed bugs, in your home, then you need to exile this problem. Bug Busters is well equipped with professional technicians that know how to root out the problem of a bed bug infestation from your home. Our highly trained professionals access your home, monitor the problem to implement an effective solution, and ensure the effectiveness of the pest infestation strategies for total control of this problem. Here are a few effective ways to get rid of these sneaky and hard to find bugs:

  • Get rid of clutter from your home

If you want to take total control over the bed bug infestation, then hygiene is the most important factor. Make sure that you remove clutter from the cabinets, shelves, cupboards, and even clean every nook and cranny of your home. Be cautious that all the items from the infested area can transfer bugs to other areas. Transfer those items in a separate container and dispose of it properly so that your house remains bug-free.

  • Dismantle bed frames

It’s important to dismantle bed frames to expose the hiding site of bed bugs. The bugs mostly hide in areas that have not been cleaned in a long time. Look for bed bugs in the box spring by shining a flashlight and removing the fabric for spraying. If you find the box spring or mattress infested, you might need to consider encasements to keep your mattress safe. The bed bugs can’t enter these encasements, so this will eliminate the need to treat your box spring or mattress.

  • Clean infested surfaces

Vacuum your room to remove dust from crevices and cracks. Typically an infestation spreads from one room to another, and slowly you find bed bugs throughout your home. Clean your bedrooms because they are the primary location for bed bugs. The sooner you implement steps to get rid of bed bugs, the easier it will be for you to get rid of them. Thorough cleaning of the infested surfaces will also encourage the penetration of the insecticides. Strip and vacuum the box spring and mattress and double bag your bed sheet in hot water to get rid of any suspected bugs from the bed.

  • Exterminate all of the bed bugs

You’ll have to call a bed bug pest control professional to execute this step. Vacuuming alone won’t make your home bug free. It can remove nymphs and bed bug adults, but it won’t be able to remove the eggs. You can contact Bug Busters to control the infestation on your bed frame, mattress, box spring, and any other infested area.

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Bed bug infestations can be trickier to detect because of the fact that these bugs hide in areas that are not easily detectable. But with Bug Busters, you can avail the best bed bug pest control service in Richmond, Chesterfield, Farmville, Midlothian, and other areas of central and southeastern Virginia. Battle out the nasty bugs with Bug Busters and receive a comfortable and peaceful sleep once again.

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