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Hornet Removal Services

Are you struggling to remove the large swarm of hornets flying around your home? Have you noticed them making nests around your property? Hornets are stinging pests who are always in search of a new home, and this time they might invade your property. Most catastrophic hornet stinging incidents arise when untrained people try to remove the hornets’ nest. It’s therefore recommended that you employ professional hornet removal services to get rid of these pesky pests. By doing so, your hornet problem can easily go away without resorting to toxic materials.

Why do You Need to Keep Hornets Out of Your Home?

  • Hornets are not aggressive, but their colonies are quite large, and they team up in hundreds before attacking your property. This can be quite intimidating, and you’ll have to contend with their huge colonies rather than dealing with one of them.
  • The aerial nests of hornets are quite enormous, and they multiply in number within no time. They can also produce a painful sting if you try to mess with them or you try to remove their nest. Don’t put yourself in danger by messing with their nest if you’re untrained.
  • Their presence can be extremely creepy, as they seem unpleasant with the enormous team that always follows them. If you discover their nest near your property, then you must seek professional help, as people might be afraid to visit your area because of the nasty hornets that can sting them and cause intense pain.

Ways to Prevent the Entry of Hornets

Removing hornets can be quite difficult once they have established their nest. They like resting in the same nesting sites again and again, which means even if you take professional help to eliminate their presence, there are chances that they’ll return to the same place again. It’s, therefore, necessary to prevent their entry, which will restrict them from coming back.

Close off their hiding spots
Hornets are always on the search for a good place to establish their nest. If you want to restrict their entry, then seal off cracks and crevices, keep wooden piles clean, remove tree trunks, and deprive them of temptation like hidden spaces near water and food sources.

Remove trash cans and unwanted food
Hornets are attracted to leftover food. They might buzz in your area if there is leftover pet food in the trash can. Bird food and nectar may also attract hornets. So seal your trashcan and remove sweet smelling food. Hornets are also attracted to lotions and perfumes, so make sure you use them in limited amounts, if your area is prone to hornet infestation.

Maintain home fixtures
Another important thing that you must take care of in order to restrict the entry of hornets in your home, is to make sure that the doors, screens, and windows are in working order. This will prevent unwanted pests from flying in and will prevent the hornets from entering into your home. Check your yard for potential burrows and rodent holes that might be an active home for the hornets.

Deploy hornet traps
Hornet traps can skillfully hunt down the hornets and other insects that create an annoyance for you. You can buy these traps from a home improvement store, or you can easily make one with a bottle, duct tape, and any sweet liquid. You can set the hornet trap next to the place that is an active site for the hornets. Start setting hornet traps now to prevent the nasty pests from entering inside your house. This will also help in catching hornets that didn’t die during the spraying of their nest.

Cover ground nests appropriately
If you have detected hornet nests in your ground, then make sure that you cover them appropriately with a large bowl that seals that area completely. You can also look for similar entrances around that area and repeat the same process if you detect one. The bowl should be set there for a minimum of two weeks to ensure that the colony of hornet starves before you lift the bowl.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Bee and Hornet Nest Removal Company?

A hornet sting can put a big damper on you and your family members. If you notice hornets buzzing around your property, then you must seek a hornet nest removal service to effectively and safely remove them. A few reasons to hire a bee and hornet removal professional includes:

  • Talented hornet control professionals know how to remove the pesky hornets without using dangerous materials.
  • They will carefully assess your problem, and with the information collected during the on-site analysis, they will select the best strategy to remove them.
  • By hiring an expert bee and hornet removal professional, you’ll not only get rid of the hornets but will also be able to prevent their entry in the future.

If you’re looking for an effective hornet removal solution in your area, then Bug Busters can provide you with the best hornet control service. We have been serving clients in Richmond, Chesterfield, Farmville, Midlothian, and in other surrounding areas of Virginia, making their home and business pest free. Hire us and keep the hornets out of your property.

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