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Skunk Extermination

Skunks are rodents of black and white color with a foul smell. For decades now, skunks have become familiar with humans, and they can be easily found around residential areas. This rodent can be seen during the fall since they are feeding excessively, preparing themselves for hibernating during the winter. After that, they look for secure and dark areas to spend their winters, and that can easily be the barn or shed of your home or business area.
This commonly found rodent can easily become a nuisance for you and creates many problems. At times it becomes necessary to get rid of them. So, to get rid of skunks, you need professional skunk pest removal services.

Problems Caused by Skunks:

1. Occupy empty places:
Skunks are always on a search for dark, hidden, empty spaces to live. They can take refuge anywhere from your barn or shed to your garbage cans, or even under the porch. Sometimes it even gets difficult to know if you have one living in your house. Generally, people do not realize the fact until their pet, like a cat or dog, gets into a confrontation with the wild animal. Skunks occupying space inside your house or commercial property leads to many problems for all family members including your pets.

2. Spray people:
When a skunk feels threatened, they adopt a protective stance, and sometimes even attack the imminent threat. Their way of attacking is by spraying an oily substance containing sulfur, which is generated by a gland located at the end of their tail. These sprays can be painful most of the time and might instigate temporary blindness. The skunk’s spray can reach approximately 20 feet to harm a dangerous element. It must also be noted that skunks can harm both humans and animals in the same way.

3. Carry diseases:
Most of the rodents are not harmful, but skunks pose a serious threat to health. Skunks are proven to carry and spread rabies. Rabies is a disease caused by the scratches or bites of a dangerous animal. It is a viral disease that can lead to fever, a sensation at the affected area, inflammation of the brain, and usually death. It is so lethal that death results in almost every untreated case. Skunks are believed to carry this disease. In the US itself, skunks are recorded as the second highest wild animal to be responsible for the spreading of rabies among the masses. Here, it gets necessary to get rid of skunks, due to the underlying threat of the deadly disease that they carry with themselves.

4. Damage gardens:
To find a shelter or safe place to hibernate, skunks are believed to dig up the lawns. They build themselves a deep hole to stay or sometimes do it just to look for insect larvae. So, if you are someone with a knack for gardening or are just proud of your well-maintained lawns, you wouldn’t want your hard work and efforts to go to waste at the hands of a rodent. Hence, quick action against skunks becomes essential.

5. Raid fruits:
Like we have said, unguarded or unprotected lawns and gardens are at the disposal of skunks. Most of them are raided by these wild animals in search of food. Your crops, fruits, vegetables, or any other food source is surely going to attract them and is going to become their lavish meal.

6. Damage beehives:
Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem and for a plant’s growth. They are known to protect their homes, known as hives, fiercely. Skunks feed on bees and might attack their hives in order to obtain food. This might add up to the already increasing problem of being able to save bees. A lot of problems might arise globally if these endangered species go extinct.

Why Choose Bug Busters Skunk Exterminators

If you feel that your home or office is becoming a habitat for skunks and are looking for skunk control near you, we have the perfect solution for you. We at Bug Busters are here to help you fight this war against pesky skunks. Now, if you are wondering why to choose us, let me enlighten you with some of the points below:

Trained technicians:

Our team of technicians is highly trained in the work they do. They are educated with all the field qualifications and even possess a formal degree in dealing with wild animals. Our certified technicians can help you with skunk control.

Years of experience:

Bug Busters has been working for years in the field of pest and rodent control. In this period, we have delivered phenomenal services to our clients and aimed at 100% customer satisfaction.

Latest technology:

We use the latest, state of the art technology to help you with skunk removal services. We are updated with the latest methods used in the field to catch skunks and make your home or office safe again.


Our firm and all the employees are certified, as well as have a license to work in this field. So if you need help for how to control skunks, we are the right one to deliver it to you.

Personalized services:

We can work as per your needs and requirements. Our team can help you thoroughly in the preliminary consultation, investigate your home for skunks, devise a plan as per the situation, then carry it out diligently to get rid of skunks. We can even assure you of regular follow-ups and feedback so that the problem does not arise again.

Common tips:

  • A skunk is a tiny rodent, of black and white color. It might also be gray, but you can easily identify it.
  • If you are thinking of how to control skunks, the best way would be to trap the skunk and leave it far away from your house. But, for that, you need a professional skunk exterminator.
  • To know if a skunk breeds in your residential or commercial area, it is advised to stuff the potential spot used for hiding by the skunk with newspapers at night. If by the morning the newspaper is moved, you most definitely have a visitor.
  • Skunks are the cause of many problems, including a funky smell. If you want to get rid of it, wash the clothing straight away with something strong, and you will get rid of the smell.

Call Us Today if You Have an Unwanted Skunk on Your Property

Skunks can be a hassle and cause many problems. They can disrupt your daily life and carry the threat of rabies to you and your pets. So, if you are looking for professional skunk control, allow the team of Bug Busters to help you get rid of these rodents for life. We have been providing excellent services in Richmond, Chesterfield, Farmville, Midlothian, and other cities in Virginia, helping people in their fight to protect their family and home.

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Bug Busters Pest Control Services is a full-service pest management company dedicated to help exterminate and protect you from pesky pests. Our family owned company has been helping protect homes from pests including bugs and wildlife in the central/ south eastern parts of Virginia since 2004. Our company has been accredited by the National Pest Management Association and has won many awards for the services we provide. As a Quality Pro company, our technicians are trained to perform full inspections of your commercial or residential property thoroughly. We customize plans with each individual in mind, keeping cost affordable, and we will work with your schedule.

Whether it be a skunk problem, snake issue, termite infestation, ant overtaking, or mice in your walls, Bug Busters is here to help you with any of your pest control needs. We provide no- obligation inspections so that you are aware of every aspect of the extermination plan before we proceed. Our staff is here for you no matter the time of day as our customer service is available 24/7 to you. We also provide a wide range of home services including attic insulation installation, lawn treatments, and gutter cleaning. Our goal is to help you protect your greatest investment and your family so give us a call today so that we can implement our nationally
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