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Snake Exterminators in Virginia

Snakes are found everywhere on earth but somehow, humans usually avoid contact with them due to their fearsome reputation. Snakes are generally shy creatures who want nothing to do with people. They can be very beneficial because they eat mice, insects, and other pests. Although most species of snakes are harmless, there are some venomous species that can pose risks to people and pets. Most will not bite humans, and if they attack, it is done for defensive reasons because they may have been stepped on or their habitat has been disturbed.

However, snakes do sometimes end up around houses and buildings which calls for snake pest control and therefore, removal. The experts at Bug Busters offer snake extermination throughout Virginia.

How to Know if There are Snakes on Your Property

Most of the time it is not common to see snakes directly around us. If you spot one, it will usually be in the months of July through September when they are most active. There are a few hard to spot signs of snakes which you can look out for if you have any concerns. It includes:
Skin sheds- Some species of snakes tend to shed their skin soon after emerging from hibernation.
Winding trails on light dirt showing some visible signs.

Places Where You Might Find Snakes

There are many places where you can find snakes. Here are a couple of those:

Reptile Habitats: Nature reserves of rough grassland, disused quarries, or any kind of abandoned places.

Sunny Traps: Sun-trapped areas with lots of vegetation cover provides them with a place for shelter.

Gardens, Parks, and Other Grassed Areas: Be prepared to find reptiles when you lift debris, compost heaps, and areas of long grass.

How to Know if You are at Risk

  • Grass snakes are harmless and are frequent garden visitors.
  • Grass snakes enter gardens to catch amphibians, like frogs.
  • Some snakes are dangerous, like rattlesnakes, which make an alerting sound.
  • Although they are rarely found in gardens and only occur if you live close to their preferred habitat, bites from dangerous snakes are quite rare, and mostly occur only when a snake is picked up.

What should you do if you get bitten?

Snakes bites are rare, but they do happen. If anyone in your family gets bitten, call an emergency service right away, and get the victim to a hospital fast. If possible, look for what type of snake it was, as that will help with the treatment.

Some proven methods to avoid snakes from entering your property

Although there are several methods that can help us to keep snakes off your property, we will mention a few of them which are highly effective.

1. Cut your grass at a regular interval of time: It is a very basic thing that most people avoid. Snakes like tall grass so they can easily hide behind the blades. It provides the right cover for hunting and keeps them protected from predators. Keep your tall grass trimmed on a regular basis, and snakes will be more likely to look for other areas in which they’re not as exposed.

2. Secure the perimeter of your house: This can be the main issue with having snakes in your yard. It is that they can find their way into your house, and nobody wants that. To keep dangerous snakes out of the home, you will want to inspect the perimeter of your house and other freestanding buildings, like abandoned garage or sheds, regularly to make sure there aren’t any cracks or holes snakes could enter through. Make sure to check that the basement windows are properly closed.

3. Keep your yard clean: This reptile likes clutter for many reasons. First, it provides them with a good spot to hide from predators. Second, they are reptiles, so they require warmth to survive. Clutter, like compost piles of wood, can make a cozy environment that protects snakes from the elements. Look for other options that are less attractive to the snakes.

4. Gather some information about the snake species: Reading about the snakes that are local to your region provides you with a better understanding of what their habitat could look like. Once you fully understand what conditions create the ideal environment for different snake species, you can protect your yard from the elements that make it snake heaven.

5. Take help from a professional: We have provided all the relevant information related to snakes that may be helpful in preventing them from entering into your area of living. Although snakes aren’t evil creatures out to make our life miserable, they do make most of the house owners uncomfortable. But in any case, if you have failed to handle this problem, you can go for professional help to get the proper assistance. Snake Prevention Services is also the better option to tackle this problem.

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If you are still facing this problem, you can go for a snake control treatment or look for pest control for snakes near me to be of help. Bug Busters services most areas of Virginia and can visit your house for further inspection and remove the problem.

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