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Wildlife Pest Control Services

Pests are generally some living organisms which carry bacteria, viruses, and disease that can harm human beings. Ordinarily found pests are small in size and are less harmful when compared with the wildlife pests. Wildlife trapping, removal, and management remains essential as these pests can cause significant harm to your health and home. The wildlife pests visit your home or business only when they lose their path, or someone destroys their nest. The most common wildlife pests which can be seen in the US are raccoons, squirrels, bats, skunks, opossums, and rodents.

A few of them do not seem to be dangerous and may even seem cute instead. But these may carry germs and can cause you to fall ill. These wildlife pests can cause damage to insulation, roofing, woods, wiring, and smell from their waste can be troublesome for you to bear. In case you encounter some wildlife pests or find any of them in your house, you can contact Bug Busters’ wildlife pest control team to get rid of them. Bug Busters Pest Control Service Inc. is a US-based pest control service provider that operates primarily in Virginia.

Most Common Wildlife Pests

Some of the most common wildlife pests are:

1- Raccoons: This animal looks harmless, but it can sneak into your yard or home and dig into your garbage. If it finds a regular food supply, it can even tear your roof or foundation to create an accessible entrance for itself and its family.
2- Skunks: Skunks are a very stinky and noisome animal whose smell is unbearable. The best solution is to get rid of them at the earliest possible point of time, as they carry some diseases too.
3- Bats: A bat is a terrifying animal and carries numerous diseases also. If you consume some eatables tasted by one, you are inevitably going to fall ill.

Some other wildlife pests are ground squirrels, rats, opossums, etc.

How to Detect a Wildlife Pest?

Since wildlife pests are usually significant in size as compared to other usual pests, they can be easily seen wandering around your house or inside your home or business. But sometimes, they sneak into your place, and you are not aware of it. When these pests cause any physical damage to your house or you get a bad odor from somewhere in your house, you learn that some pest is in your home. It can be in your storeroom or hiding behind your cupboard, or living behind the bushes in your garden, or any other place.

What to do if You Find a Wildlife Pest in Your House?

If you find wildlife trouble in your house and want a wildlife pest control service, then don’t think too much and immediately contact Bug Busters and tell our trusted team about your situation. The wildlife pest control agency will soon send a team of pest control experts to your address with the required equipment. The pest control team will seek out the hidden pests and then capture them. Alongside, the team will sprinkle the proper pesticide or other pest control method in your whole house to kill the germs spread by pests. The team will further check your home or business to detect the presence of any other pests. Our team will then remove the rest of the pests too if any are found.

Bug Busters advises you that you should clean your home, mop the floor with germ-killing agents, and wash your clothes which may be infected by the pests after the wildlife pest control has been completed.

What Are the Measures You Can Take to Control Wildlife Pests?

If you live nearby forests or near farms, the chances of pest attacks increase. To avoid the sneaking of wildlife pests into your house, you can take the following control measures suggested by Bug Busters’ experts:

1. You should use pest-proof lids on the garbage box always so that pests like raccoons do not open it up and dig through your junk.

2. Clean your house daily, especially your kitchen. A regular supply of food and warmth attracts most of the wildlife pests. So, keep your pantry hygienic and leave no food item there for rodents, like mice and squirrels.

3. You should cover or seal the holes of mini drains and any other possible place of entry in your house or business place. If you see any hole or crack in your wall that can become an entry point for pests, then you can freely call Bug Busters. We provide the best ways to seal such cracks and holes.

4. You can also call Bug Busters thrice a year for pest control and cleaning at regular intervals to avoid any existence of wildlife pests in your workplace or your house.

Call Our Wildlife Pest Control Today

Along with wildlife pest removal and control services, Bug Busters render a broad category of pest control services too. Bug Busters even received a National Praise for handling termite infestation at Jamestown, Virginia. So, if you ever get a pest problem, contact Bug Busters; we will come and rid all the bugs and pests at your residence.

Why Choose Us?

Bug Busters Pest Control Services is a full-service pest management company dedicated to help exterminate and protect you from pesky pests. Our family owned company has been helping protect homes from pests including bugs and wildlife in the central/ south eastern parts of Virginia since 2004. Our company has been accredited by the National Pest Management Association and has won many awards for the services we provide. As a Quality Pro company, our technicians are trained to perform full inspections of your commercial or residential property thoroughly. We customize plans with each individual in mind, keeping cost affordable, and we will work with your schedule.

Whether it be a skunk problem, snake issue, termite infestation, ant overtaking, or mice in your walls, Bug Busters is here to help you with any of your pest control needs. We provide no- obligation inspections so that you are aware of every aspect of the extermination plan before we proceed. Our staff is here for you no matter the time of day as our customer service is available 24/7 to you. We also provide a wide range of home services including attic insulation installation, lawn treatments, and gutter cleaning. Our goal is to help you protect your greatest investment and your family so give us a call today so that we can implement our nationally
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