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Hornet Pest Control Near Me

Bug Busters Hornet Pest Control Services has been serving homeowners and renters in Virginia with ferocious looking and stinging insects like hornets since 2005. When hornets make their presence known, you want the problem fixed immediately. Our trained technicians understand your concerns and will eliminate the hornet nests with your family’s safety in mind, all at a competitive price. We take care to minimize the disruption to your home environment and use only environmentally responsible treatment methods.

Signs on a Hornet Infestation

The most obvious signs of a hornet problem are presence of adults and the observance of nests.

Why Should You Let the Pest Control Professionals Handle Your Hornet Problem?

The typical symptoms and reactions to stings by hornets are intense pain, redness and swelling around the site of the sting. When someone is stung multiple times or is highly allergic to the hornet’s venom, there can be systemic reactions that may affect the entire body. This can all be avoided it you allow the professionals to handle your hornet problem.

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